DAQuiri: Painless scientific DAQ

DAQuiri := DAQ + UI generation + reactivity + instruments

You should be spending your time designing and running experiments, not your DAQ software.

DAQuiri is a nuts and bolts included framework for scientific data acquisition (DAQ), designed for rapid prototyping and the challenging DAQ environment of angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy. If you specify how to sequence motions and data collection, daquiri can manage the user interface, talking to and managing instruments, plotting interim data, data collation, and IO for you. Despite all this, DAQuiri is very low overhead and is profiled before each release: acquisition rates faster than 100μs are possible on synthetic tasks, meaning most reasonable experiments will be IO bound using DAQuiri.

If DAQuiri doesn’t do exactly what you need, get in contact with us or check out the examples. There’s a good chance that if it isn’t built in, DAQuiri is flexible enough to support your use case.